Report released in Randolph County fatal accident at mining operation

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Federal mine safety and health investigators have issued two citiations and and order over a fatal accident at a Randolph County mining operation from last year.

The citations stem from the accident August 11th at the Star Bridge Prep plant owned and operated by Carter-Roag Coal Company. Timothy Collins, 53 , was a contract truck driver who was killed on the property when a haul truck on the property crushed him. The truck was owned by HMW Truck Lines, the contractor hauling coal on the property.

Investigators say Collins and two other men were inspecting their trucks before starting the day’s shift of hauling coal to the loading facilyt from two nearby mines. The trucks were fully loaded with coal from the previous day and had been parked in a lot the night before on an incline. Investigators say during the inspection the truck rolled forward over Colllins.

Investigators say the truck’s parking brake was not functioning properly and the wheels of the truck had not been chocked. Investigators say further the trucks had not been properly positioend to park with the wheels turned into a berm or embankment in case the gears or parking brakes failed.

Collins died of his injuries.

Investigators determined there were two root causes of the accident.

“The accident occurred because the contractor did not: 1) assure truck drivers blocked trucks when parked on a grade, and 2) maintain the truck‚Äôs braking system in safe operating condition.” read the MSHA report.

The team issued an order to Star Bridge Prep Plant. They also issued two citations to HMW, one for faulty brakes and the other for negligence in the parking of the loaded trucks on an incline.