Story by Mike Nolting, WAJR

GRAFTON, W.Va. — A Pennsylvania man faces several years behind bars after pleading guilty this week in connection with a shooting last Memorial Day at the Walmart in Grafton.

William Jenkins (WVRJA)

William Jenkins, 24, of Friendsville, Pa., pleaded guilty to all charges filed against him including attempted second-degree murder, wanton endangerment involving a firearm, use or presentation of a firearm during a commission of a felony, and fleeing in a vehicle from law enforcement, showing reckless indifference for the safety of others.

Jenkins, victim Clayton Anderson and three others were at the Morgantown Walmart on May 29, 2023. They couldn’t find them at that store so they drove to Grafton.

Jenkins admitted he fired a gun inside the Grafton Walmart three times, hitting Anderson in the leg and in the hand. Jenkins then fled the store to a car and began to drive toward the Marion County line with police in pursuit.

As Jenkins fled, his car became disabled on East Grafton Road, where he shot himself in the face. Jenkins was hospitalized for weeks with the wounds.

Jenkins will be sentenced later this year.