Story by Mike Nolting, WAJR

BRIDGEPORT, W.Va. — A business-class 30-passenger jet made an emergency landing Tuesday afternoon at the North Central West Virginia Airport in Bridgeport due to a suspected landing gear issue.

Airport Director Rick Rock they were alerted there could be a problem at around 1 p.m. At that point, the airport staff developed a plan to perform a visual inspection of the landing gear.

“There was concern that the landing gear had not disengaged or gone down,” Rock said.

Rock said the aircraft then made a pass close enough so crews on the ground could perform a visual inspection, and everything checked out.

“As they drove and made a pass, we got a visual on it,” Rock said. “Our guys were right on the spot, and they clearly saw the landing gear was down.”

Rock said it was a full response for area agencies, and no injuries were reported.

“We had all the responders come in,” Rock said. “The city of Bridgeport, all the mutually responding agencies, including our people, Thank God, the plane landed safely, but we were prepared.”