IRELAND, W.Va. — Investigators believe it is likely that two of the five victims were still alive when the fire at a home on Glady Creek Road began last month.

Lewis County Sheriff David Gosa confirmed Tuesday that the victim who died of smoke inhalation and an infant were both likely alive at the onset of the fire. Two others were already dead — one from a gunshot wound as he was attempting to flee the home and another in the home.

Gosa said it is possible they may never fully determine the cause of death on the final unidentified victim due to the nature of the remains following the fire.

Luke Wilson, 45, of Walkersville, took his own life in eastern Kanawha County in the hours after the fire on March 11. He is believed to be the prime suspect.

Identifying the victims will be difficult, Gosa said.

“The family appears not to have had much in the way of dental records, which makes it very difficult in firmly identifying them,” he said.

Gosa told WKMZ News that Wilson informed a neighbor, a possible relative of at least one of the victims, about the fire.

Ireland, a small, remote community near the county line separating Lewis and Braxton counties, is an unincorporated area of fewer than 500 people. By the time fire services arrived on scene, the home was essentially destroyed.

At the start of the week, police were still seeking two people to fill in blanks in the investigation. Neither of them — Jeremy “Tonus” Claypoole or David “Davey” Chipps are suspects in the case. Police have since made contact with Claypoole and are still trying to reach Chipps.

Those who may be able to assist in this matter can contact Cpl. J.D. Jenkins at the Lewis County Sheriff’s Office at (304) 269-8251 or by email at [email protected].