West Virginia University Faculty Senate scheduled to vote

WVU image.

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — The West Virginia University Faculty Senate is scheduled to vote Monday on a resolution declaring no confidence in the administration of President Gordon Gee and Provost Maryanne Reed.

The resolution, which was first reported by the Daily Athenaeum, cites multiple issues, including the refusal to issue a coronavirus vaccine mandate, hiring practices and work practices.

Faculty members and the WVU Student Government Association previously voted in favor of such policy, as did the faculty senates of WVU and Marshall University for both campuses.

The resolution states the Gee-Reed administration also “refused to engage in open, inclusive, systematic practices for hiring qualified candidates for its senior administrative team,” and did not provide transparency during efforts to carry out the Academic Transformation effort.

The resolution also states leadership has “exhibited a pattern of failing to respect shared governance and working outside of professional norms that has broad implications for campus climate, the reputation of the university, and the university’s commitment both to providing a high-quality education and to carrying out first-rate scholarship.”

The Faculty Senate will hold its meeting Monday at 3:15 p.m. using Zoom.